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Natural Health

We were sitting at a cafe in Berkeley, talking about food and how it’s in our very nature – right down to our cells – to be healthy, and that we all want to be healthy,  when a woman sitting nearby interjected:  “Excuse me, but what you’re saying sure rings true for me since I started to look closely at my own health. But I travel all over the US on business, and I buy most of my food at grocery stores, and what I see is a lot of people pushing carts full of stuff that perpetuates their suffering!” she paused and added: “sure did mine…why do we do that to ourselves?” Could it be that we think we’re already eating well?


We need not look further than our habits to see why and how we often defeat our own best intentions to be well. Indeed, we’ve been raised as consumers of convenience, including our daily food. We mostly consume what nutritionists call the Standard American Diet (SAD) These processed, packaged, refined and reduced “food experiences” have become habitual – we’re often addicted to the very things that cause us so much pain and suffering.  Despite our best intentions, we’re often too busy, too stressed, too distracted to care for our self, to pause long enough to see that we’re habitually contributing to our own poor health outcomes by default and neglect.

In fact, when it comes to making healthy  food decisions,  we usually read the front of the package but not the back! We’re getting sicker even as we age, all the while being told by the Food, Health and Pharma Industries that we’re getting better…or will soon!

Enough said! Let’s leave the sickness industries behind and move on to what we can do to get off this wheel and significantly help our self to natural health and well-being.


The first step and the last step to healing and staying healthy is revolutionary Understanding. At BE WELL! we want you to understand for your self what fundamentally causes disease and discontent and what can really cure it.  We recognize a basic principle from ancient medicine: Your body is food transformed; your food quality – subtle and gross – directly determines your health. Of course, we address the Whole U, and that includes those other “foods” we consume: the “SOS” – Sources Of Stress that also affect our physical, psychological and spiritual well-being. They include  relationships, family, work, money, taxes, bills, living, dying!!!..and the underlying resolutions, duties, obligations and responses that seem to cause stress and disease. Or as a client quipped: “What do you eat for anxiety?”

This holistic Self Care understanding gives us the power to change, to heal and to live more fully as we age. And the first step is to stop the car before the next curve! Stop the downhill runaway cascade of ailments – not by stepping heavily on the brakes, but by easing off on the gas pedal – naturally.

And that’s where BE WELL! might be helpful in many ways.

First, we’d like to invite you to pick and graze all over this abundant garden site! We hope you’ll find a lot of interesting and useful  information to nourish a more healthy and happy life. And then if you would like more details or to explore your Natural Well-Being with one or both of us, in private or group sessions, please email Alla or James at

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