S.O.S. -Sources of Stress- Seminars (New Dates tba below)



Don’t miss this opportunity to join Alla Marinow (Holistic Nutritionist) & James Waite (Transformational Living Coach) of  BE WELL! Natural Health and Well-Being and hosted by Earth Circles Counseling Center – 4 part evening seminars exploring hidden BODY, SPIRIT and CHANGE based Sources Of Stress.

We will explore a variety of health & mindfulness topics and solutions including:

  • WHAT’S MAKING ME SICK AND TIRED? Brain fog, fatigue, energy crashes, aches
  • DEPRESSION/MOOD CHANGES: Good / Bad mood foods & effects on the brain.
  • OMG/GMO! BPA/MSG/FLAVORINGS! Chemical effects on the body & brain!
  • WHAT’S HAPPENED TO MY WAISTLINE? Diets??!! Why can’t I lose weight?
  • FOOD LABELS : Reading labels simplified – what is true and what is false
  • MINDFULNESS & HEALTH- the role of habits and resistance in healing
  • WHAT REALLY, ACTUALLY MAKES US HAPPY?- the nature of success
  • RELATIONSHIPS & REALITY – what do we know about real love & living
  • NATURAL WELL-BEING- Self knowledge & the ease of being our self

Where? EARTH CIRCLES • 66 Santa Clara Ave, Suite 205 • Oakland
When? Monday Nights: POSTPONED DUE TO FAMILY EMERGENCY New dates tba; more info: www.bewelltlc@gmail.com
Time? 6:30- 8:30 pm
Cost?   suggested donation $10  (or ability based)
Advance Registration: (seating is limited)

RSVP: email: bewelltlc@gmail.com    -OR-   call/text 530-701-5323

More Info: www.bewelltlc.comwww.earthcirclescenter.com