A very wise old bee once said, when asked how to live well:  “The key is to keep growing, to tend those new shoots.”   Well, this is a new shoot, a holistic resource for healthy, inspired living.

This site is a celebration of our Whole Nature and we’re inviting you to not only tap into Be Well! Natural Health & Well-Being as a resource, but to share with all of us your own resourcefulness.

Our aim is to help you to be your own resource – to truly be well, and to pass it on!

The purpose of this forum is to explore and share what we’re all continuously learning about being well – nutritionally, psychologically and spiritually.

 Our body, mind and spirit are intricately inter-connected –  the food we eat, the thoughts we think  & the way we live,  – all directly affect our  whole health and well-being.

While we offer no magic, no short term fixes, formulas, fads or pills, we can help you restore your own natural well-being with a comprehensive understanding of what you can do to really make your day –and your entire life – full of renewed energy and the delights of inspired living.

We’re committed to seeing things clearly as they actually are – to dispelling urban myths, media generated fog and legions of vague misty understandings – and to the common sense of our grandmothers when they said: “Your plumbing is getting old dear, don’t put garbage down it”.

Of course, we didn’t listen to Grandma, did we? And it’s all too easy to consume a lot of garbage these days without even knowing itfoods that purport to be something that they are NOT; subliminal media advertising urging us to purchase things that are not good for us; worrisome thoughts about everyday living that occupy our minds and spirit that should be reserved for creative living, and fear-based news that adds more stress to our already stressed lives.

Who and what are we to believe?  In an age chock-full of high speed information, sometimes it feels like our little boat is at risk of getting swamped. Perhaps it’s time to take a clear look at of our own lives, to take stock of what we eat, how we live and what we think. And to understand the nature of change and how we can work with ease to live more harmoniously.

Be Well! is about aging well, eating well, feeling well and living well! And that adds up to living your whole life well.

We invite you to graze here; to regenerate by tending those new shoots, and above all, to…


James and Alla

JAMES WAITE  B.A. TRANSFORMATIONAL  LIVING COACH is a writer, singer, designer, business owner, husband, grandfather and coach living in Berkeley, CA. A life-long student of Change, he has lived and travelled outer and inner worlds and found them to be one and the same. He has lived in several countries, studied Greek and European arts and humanities and been spiritually nourished by many sources, including Walt Whitman, Gabriel Cousins, J. Krishnamurti, Gandhi, Deepak Chopra, Andrew Weil, Francis Lucille, Eckhart Tolle, Nisargadatta,  Adyashanti  and Sven his feral cat; Fiona, the hummingbird, Rusty Jr. the squirrel and assorted wonderful friendships he enjoys with companions on hikes and over tea at the local coffee shop.  His biggest direct teacher has been his body, mind and spirit which he finds he shares in common with all other fellow human beings.  Above all, he is in love with sharing the wonders of life as it presents itself in aware living.


ALLA  MARINOW B.A.    N.C   HOLISTIC NUTRITIONIST is a graduate of Bauman College of Holistic Nutrition in Berkeley, California, drummer in weekly get together rock band, business owner, wife and fellow traveler living in Berkeley, CA. She has lived in several countries, studied several languages, learned how other cultures live with less stress and better health in their lives, and spent the large part of her life trying to understand how health and happiness can be attained. Serious illnesses which included an auto-immune disease and cancer brought the life-long pursuit  of what makes us ill and what can be done about it into focus. Recovery without drugs took several years and included extensive research into nutrition, stress reduction, living more in the moment and learning to trust that going with the current is a lot easier and healthier than trying to swim against it.  A return to school late in life to study holistic nutrition – which incorporates body, mind and spirit for optimal health – introduced her to key understandings that changed her life significantly. She loves to share her knowledge and being with clients; to really help people heal and grow and embrace life fully. She invites you to contact her regarding questions or comments or upcoming events you may wish to host or participate in.

Thank you, and Be Well!



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